maandag 17 augustus 2009

Email van Sis Ofentse

Dit is een email die ik met jullie wilde delen over de familie die gedoopt is in mijn laatste gebied, die ik heel erg mis en krijg dus heel erg goede berichten over hoe het met ze gaan...

Hi Elder Rijken

It seems like you and your companion are doing wonders that side..That is great!
I don't know what might have happened when sending the e-mail but I am re sending it..Unfortunately I do not know who Sister Thabitha's home teachers are..I will find out from them...But they doing great hey..OK..Here's last week's e-mail that didn't go through...I hope it goes through this time...

She was telling me her testimony of how she got converted..She was telling me how her family has changed for the better because of the gospel.She was saying that before she joined the church she used to attend other churches like on good fridays and her husband would be so angry because she went to church..but since she came to the true church she said that not even one day was her husband angry for her going to church...In fact,she said he cooks while they are at church..great hey?Even Thembelani has respect for the family..I was so touched..Guess what?It was Woman's day and the Relief Society gave a Presentation and she has been asked to give a testimony..She gave such a great testimony..I know I always say that but that is so true..I even cried..And Thembelani gave an opening prayer in Sacrament 2 weeks back... They seem to be fitting in nicely..

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