maandag 13 juli 2009

Baptism of Sis Tabitha, Olga and Ayanda

12-July-2009, Kagiso

It was so nice to see this family enter into the waters of baptism, we were honnored to be able to baptise this family. It was a beautiful day, and all were excited, especially me :D... We were preparing this family for a long time now and they were now ready to commit them self to follow Jesus Christ into the waters of baptism. They had prayed and read the Book of mormon and received a witness of its truthfulness... They applyed the teachings of Christ in their lives to become, born again, ( also called repentance or to change).... To make them selves ready to be washed from their sins and promis God and His Son to continue to follow Them, so they also can become His Doughters and inherrit His Kingdom and have Eternal Life!

10-July-2009, Johannesburg Temple

Before their baptism, we were able to visit, teach and prepare them for/about the temple... It was a wonderful experiance, to be able to go there... It doesn't happen that often... Soon we will go there with them... And they will prepare them selves to enter and have enternal families for them selves... Temberlani, the boy is getting baptised soon...

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